I’m going to miss the Internet 24/7

I am now officially unemployed. For the last few years I’ve been under-employed getting some part-time projects and odd jobs. I developed and presented a series of robotics summer camp workshops for kids which ended last week. I don’t have any other work lined up yet.

A problem about having a specialty in software development is when companies decide its better to send the work overseas. I have specialized in developing custom applications upon Bentley MicroStation for over 20 years, mostly working for companies that sold MicroStation through their dealer network until Bentley put them out of business. Then I tried contacting Bentley about doing contract work for them but was told they develop some proof-of-concept programs locally but ultimately send the custom work to India. So much for paying to be in their developer network.

Well today I’m packing my tools to head back to my place on the lake. Another dream that came to a halt with the downturn of work. I’ll write more about that soon.

I designed a bumper sticker recently but haven’t printed it yet.

Outsource Politicians

Outsource Politicians


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