Spider webs, ticks and critters.

I made it down to our property. There is a tree down in our driveway but the nice thing about having a jeep is it can go around and over things a normal car can’t. The jeep was packed so full that I couldn’t get much anything else in here. I’m making my way through all the spider webs. The two things that seem to grow well on this property are trees and tics. We haven’t been around for so long I’m hoping that some other critters haven’t decided to make their home in the bus.

Tree down in driveway

Tree down in driveway

The jeep was packed full from front...

The jeep was packed full from front...

Packed from front to back.

Packed from front to back.

One good thing about being down here. The gas is 40 to 50 cents cheaper than Kansas City. The prices here are $3.36 today.

I brought my tools that are important to the work I’m doing on developing educational robotics workshops. Not that a band saw, drill press or routher are going to be much help for a while. We don’t have electricity here any more and no phone service to get on the internet.

I’m starting to clean up our bus (motorhome) this afternoon trying to get it into shape to at least sleep here
tonight. It was 100 degrees inside the bus this afternoon. With so many trees around it doesn’t let much of a breeze come through.

I’m in town now at the lundromat to get some bedding washed up. Its been over three years since we were living in the bus full time. Kind of feels nice to get back here. Will try to find wifi access when I get done here.

I learned that there is a new comunity grocery store in nearby Fair Play. They opened up earlier this year. They are closed on Sundays. That will be quite convenient.


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