The Worms Have Arrived

Fertile soil, recycling trash and garbage, self reproducing, doubling in quantity every 3 or 4 months, easy to care for, silent and $25 per pound; whats not to like about earthworms? When researching alternate energy sources I remembered how my grandfather always had a worm bed out behind the house. Vegetable scraps from our meal and coffee grounds they even like paper and cardboard, all were taken out to feed the worms. My grandfather always a ready supply for fishing.
I picked the worms up as they were being harvested. One of the things I wanted to ask the worm farmer is what they do to manage their worms in the winter time around here. Well, that was answered when I got directions to the farm. It is in an underground cave, one of the industrial sites where they’ve mined the limestone that stays the same cool temperature year around.

The worms are in their new home now. It didn’t take much time before they started diving below the surface. They were fun to watch. I was impressed with the teeny tiny little baby worms. The farmers said to keep a bright light over them for a day or two until they get used to their new surroundings otherwise they might try to run. So far they seem to be staying where they belong.

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