OpenCV Study Group Announcement: 1.22.2009

Meeting Announcement

Recommended Equipment and Materials

We suggest you bring the following items with you to the study group sessions:

  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • Learning OpenCV book

Try to come prepared with programming tools installed for your chosen operating system(s). If you’re planning to attend and having trouble getting everything installed leave a message in the CCCKC Google Groups or KCRS OpenCV forum ahead of time and maybe someone can help you. Don’t forget the Yahoo Technical Group and the OpenCV Wiki for support issues. Bring your book if you have one, otherwise you can probably share.

Lets try to get our equipment working so we can run the sample programs and discuss topics from Chapters 2 and 3 of the Learning OpenCV text. You can download the sample programs free of charge.

Book Options For Learning OpenCV

The Learning OpenCV book uses the same policy as the OpenCV library. The sample files are free for commercial or research use. O’Reilly would appreciate you referencing the book when using the example programs in your work. To find information about the book and download the sample files go to: then click on Examples link.

Buying books gets expensive. O’Reilly offers a couple of alternatives. You can download an Ebook version for about $10 less than the paperback price. O’Reilly publishes a number of technical books of interest to programmers. Another alternative you can choose is their Safari Books Online option. This service requires a monthly fee. A limited free trial offer is available if you are undecided about this option.

More Linux Setup Tips.

If you’re new at using Linux you may want to install Cheeze or Camerama to check and see if your webcam is working properly.

Jestin suggests using the Eclipse IDE for Linux and Windows platforms. Check out his blog topic Setting up Eclipse For Using OpenCV for more details.

More Windows Setup Tips.

I’m planning on using Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition instead of Eclipse to avoid some setup issues. You are free to use any IDE you choose, the Microsoft toolset is my personal preference at this time. You can download a free copy from the MSDN Visual C++ Developer Center.

More Study Group Notes

Meeting: Maker’s Night Out in Kansas City – 4.1.2009
Meeting: Study Group Notes – 1.8.2009

Join members of the Cowtown Computer Congress and the Kansas City Robotics Society as we learn to use OpenCV.

  • Check here for more information about CCCKC
  • Check here for more information about KCRS

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