Open Design, Open Collaboration – Day 2

1.23.2009 (Friday) —  Day 2  —

A Social Media Experiment –
Building Our Infrastructure

Social media is an important part of building the Robotic Labyrinth project for Science City.

So, what is Social Media?

It’s some of the newest technology to hit the Internet, it’s also some the oldest we’ve used for years. It’s your web presence, a way of telling others the who, what, when, and where of your physical and virtual existence. It’s a way of getting our news and a way of becoming the news. It’s being used for marketing and analyzing market trends.

Why is Social Media important to this project?

It provides a central location for widely dispersed team members. It works equally well if we’re spread out across a campus, city, country, or around the world. I’m hoping to take this social media experiment further by encouraging an Open Design and Open Collaboration experience.

Passing design information by email has its benefits and limitations. We need to get away from email only as much as possible, it doesn’t allow others to participate. We’ve started a section on the KCRS forum to share ideas, ask and answer questions, or to become a placeholder for notes and information we want to keep track of.  I noticed some grumbling by email that the forum is not easy to subscribe to for RSS feeds, we’ll have to look into this.

CCCKC Meeting Notes.

Last night’s CCCKC meeting provided some good ideas for the project. One suggestion for the labyrinth maze layout is to include images representing various locations around Science City.

Map of Science City

Map of Science City

Check out this interactive map showing their upper and lower level exhibits, Some stylized images depicting these locations would be interesting. If you have some ideas then jump in and lets hear them.

We had a couple of suggestions to make the game accessible over the Internet. Check out our forum thread, Web Based Access to Robotic Labyrinth and lets see your thoughts.

Game Platform Composite Design.

We have a new member on the team interested in the idea of using a composite design for the game platform. A friend called last night to chat about his project and I told him the news about this one. This morning he called and said, “I hate you for telling me about your project, I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it”. Bob is joining us to help conceptualize, design and build this platform.

A Call for Volunteers.

We have many things to be developed, tools to build, and parts to design. Your comments are welcome and hope you’ll want to get involved.

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