Game Platform Planning – Day 4

1.25.2009 (Sunday) –  Day 4  –

Vacuum Bag Testing

Vacuum Bag Testing (c) Bob Thurn

I met up with Bob to work on some designs for the game platform. We did a quick vacuum bag test to get an idea of how much pressure can be created to squeeze materials together.

Small Homemade Vacuum

Small Homemade Vacuum (c) Bob Thurn

Photo of the small homemade vacuum rig used for testing. The readout on the scale is misleading. I bought the scale at a thrift store for about $1.00 with the intention of taking it apart. The scale runs about 18 pounds heavy which was verified when compared with another scale.

Vacuum Pulled At Corner

Vacuum Pulled At Corner (c) Bob Thurn

This pulled the plastic fairly tight at the corners. The  plastic covering is 4 mil thick

Vacuum bagging could play a big role in squeezing together laminated pieces of the game platform. This was also an interesting test as we consider vacuum forming bumper rails on the maze.

Game Platform Design Concepts

A few hours were spent considering the connection detail from yesterday’s thoughts. Looking for advantages and disadvantages in the design.  It seems like the game platform’s design is looking a lot like an airplane wing but with enough holes to look like swiss cheese. We are already thinking about using a strong adhesive to bond the styrene foam to the aluminum if we can find something that doesn’t destroy the foam.

We began thinking about using two panels instead of three. If we can make a strong enough joint then we could cut the middle panels to be 2′ x 10′ and assemble this together forming a 6′ x 10′ section. We began looking at alternatives for connecting the two halves and came up with a new sketch of that joint.

Game Platform Center Connection

Game Platform Center Connection

Game Bumpers and Blinky LED’s

Something mentioned at last Wednesday’s Science City meeting was about putting LED’s on the game surface. The question came up today as to how many LED’s and where they should be placed.

It is important to get the game layout determined in the next few days. So many decisions in the game platform structure could depend on this for bolt layout patterns and the game hole positions so we can start building.

The original game has 24 holes – that doesn’t mean we have to include 24 holes on ours. The number of holes may be a decided from a structural issue we need to look at too.

What works best, to have flashy LED’s at each hole or try establishing regions where several holes will exist within a region and flash together? Maybe this could be related to how many sections are in Science City’ s map.

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