Logistics – Day 7

1.28.2009 (Wednesday) –  Day 7  –

Kansas City Union Station Web Page

Kansas City Union Station Web Page

Working on a daily blog actually works better if you start blogging from the first day instead of deciding to do it a few days later then catching up. Its a lot of work going through emails and notes from phone calls and I’m still not caught up. When I’m not working on writing and documenting I’m spending time talking to Bob about how we’re constructing the game platform and other behind the scene details with members of the team.

The whole robotic labyrinth needs to be transportable if it gets moved to other locations within Science City or other places around Union Station. I heard somewhere that Union Station gets around 2 million visitors per year.

I think we have an incredible opportunity to help Kansas City’s Union Station, Science City and the Kansas City Robotics Society (KCRS) as we also introduce the Cowtown Computer Congress (CCCKC) to the community. The CCCKC grand opening scheduled for the first week in March is attracting a number of people from around the country as well as rumors of a popular magazine among the Make(r) community.

This is a big project and in many ways it parallels what is going on in high schools around the world today. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) announces their annual competition the first Saturday in January. From that point on students have six weeks to design, build, and deliver their robot.

To take on this project we have a very similar time frame, of designing, building, and delivering the giant robotic labyrinth to Science City by the end of February. This date was picked to coincide with CCCKC’s upcoming grand opening festivities. Much like these high school students, we have our own homework to do in getting our space designed and built out in time for the grand opening. It is going to take some hard work and long hours for many of us. Like the kids on FIRST teams say, its the hardest fun you’ll ever have.

Things That Keep Me Up At Night

Like so many FIRST Robotics high school students in Kansas City right now, I’m loosing sleep over how we’re going to get this project accomplished. This is a big project with several challenges from technical to logistics and budgets. It would help if our budget was larger than $0. We started this project with a few pledges for materials from KCRS members.

Some of the things keeping me up at night:

  • WiiFit Balance Boards are backordered (anyone know where to get one)?
  • Money for materials and WiiFit
  • Finding space for team members to work
  • 4 Weeks left to meet our deadline
  • All the other details I don’t have listed here

For some reason I’ve been listening to Leon Russell’s Tight Rope a lot recently. I wonder where my old 8 track tape is right now. More on Leon Russell here.

Leon Russells Tight Rope

Leon Russell's Tight Rope

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