Closing In On Fasteners – Day 9

1.30.2009 (Friday) –  Day 9 –

TNut Fasteners

T-Nut Fasteners

Finding just the right type of fastener can be a time consuming task. Over the last two or three days, Bob and I have been going back and forth about how we will attach both halves of the game platform without gaining access to the inside when tightening any fasteners. When I suggested using T-Nuts our experience was using the type with spiked pieces that are embedded into wood.

After explaining what I was looking for, one of the Ace Hardware managers thought of these Brad Hole T-Nuts. We’re excited about these fasteners, it looks like the brad holes will help when gluing them in place.

We spent several hours coming to the conclusion that this combination should work. Materials Science played an important role in this selection. Some of the considerations were the material type and if it would cause any problem with corrosion on the aluminum. Another consideration was the hardness of the screw versus the T-Nut and making our selection based on which would fail first. The machine screws in stock at the time were harder so it would cause the T-Nut material to fail first. Fastenal’s engineer suggested another machine screw that would fail first leaving the internal connections intact. After nearly an hour on the phone with the engineer we were ready to place an order.

I went back to Ace Hardware today to get a different size T-Nut with the brad hole for another project I’m trying to get done by March. I am working on a Steampunkt design to incorporate around my webcam.

The adhesive we need to use when assembling the game platform is critical. We are supposed to be meeting with a 3M Aerospace Adhesives expert on Monday to discuss our particular needs.

Space for Game Platform Assembly

Bob and I met with Jeff at Science City to look at a possible location to assemble the game platform. We need a place with good heating and a perfectly flat floor. As expected, the room’s tiled floor doesn’t provide a flat enough surface. We’re planning on laying a barrier down then using a plaster and screed to build out a machined surface.

I stopped by Home Depot to see if the extruded styrene foam comes in a 4″ thickness. Their stocked sizes range from 1/2″ up to 2″ thick. They contacted Owens Corning to see if they could special order this in 4″. Our guys at Home Depot were told they couldn’t get it directly since they supply residential products. They did get information about a source in Kansas City that I can contact who can sell this product. I’ll be calling this company on Monday.

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