Training at World Of Concrete – Day 14

2.4.2009 (Wednesday) –  Day 14 –

Machining Surface

Machining Surface

Bob is away in Las Vegas this week attending the World of Concrete trade show. While there he is getting some expert advice on constructing the machining surface to build our aluminum composite labyrinth platform upon.

World Of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, demo area. Our Mfg Rep for KC is Todd Duewel, here with me. We are leaning on the 3 ft x 5 ft sample we made to check any curl that might happen on a thin application. We are planning to pick up materials for a trial run at Maria’s place.

Bob has also been on the phone picking the brain of a 3M corporation engineer specializing in Aerospace Adhesives. He relayed the product numbers for adhesive products we’re wanting to use when building our composite platform.

  • EC 2216
  • EC 2615
  • EC 3333
  • EC3524 Potting Compound

Bob learned that the curing time for these adhesives is 7 days at a temperature of 75 deg F. But if we construct a low temperature oven the composite can cured in 6 hours at 120 deg or 4 hours at 150 degrees.

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