Curing Concrete In KC Winters – Day 21

2.11.2009 (Wednesday) –  Day 21 –

The self leveling topping poured yesterday still looks like it is going to work without curling. Our next concern is how to assemble our labyrinth platform and get the adhesives to cure properly. According to the 3M engineer Bob talked with, we want the temperatures for proper curing of the adhesives bonding everything together to be in the 120 to 150 degree Fahrenheit range. Our warehouse space is unheated in Kansas City in the winter time. This time of year we could see a temperature range outside from 0 degrees to 70 degrees. Maintaining 150 degrees will take some work.

First thoughts are building a small structure around the curing assembly. We should be able to heat a small space using incandecent or infrared lights. The biggest concern is from the concrete floor pulling heat out from the bottom.



Bob has been on the phone with David Naylor, inventor and President of PowerBlanket. These blankets are designed for curing concrete in cold or sub freezing temperatures. Because we are concerned about heat being pulled out through the floor I was worried about the weight being placed upon the blanket. Bob found out that Mr. Naylor leaves these blankets in his driveway to melt snow and parks vehicles on top of them. Our use of the blankets should be very minor compared to using them on a driveway this way.

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