Test Pour Self Leveling Surface- Day 20

2.10.2009 (Tuesday) –  Day 20 –

Self Leveling Compound

Self Leveling Compound

Bob made it back after his trip to the World of Concrete trade show and his session working with the self leveling compond (Day 14). Since we are planning on building the composite game platform in Maria’s donated warehouse space we need to protect the floors so we can clean everything up when finished.

Bob’s plan is to put down a protective plastic sheeting on the floor before pouring the concrete like mixture. The material we’re using here is Floor-Top STG Standard-Grade, Self-Leveling Topping/Underlayment produced by the W.R. Meadows Company. The concern raised from Todd Duewel, their  product representative, is whether this Floor-Top will curl when cured because of the plastic sheet between the topping and the floor.

We mixed the concrete like slurry according to the instructions on the bag. We created a shallow reservoir to contain the mixture by laying the plastic sheeting on the floor then draping it across square metal tubing to act as a dam to hold back the contents. We want the Floor-Top mixture to be about one inch thick so we calculated an area about 30 inches by 40 inches as our reservoir’s containment area.

After curing for several hours the mixture dried nicely and we aren’t seeing any evidence of the slab curling yet. We’ll continue to monitor the slab over then next few days.

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