The Labyrinth Of Others Revealed – Day 22

2.12.2009 (Thursday) –  Day 22 –

John Bergins video From Inside

John Bergin's video From Inside

A couple of months ago I taught a Lego Robotics workshop at the HMS Beagle Science Store. This was a half day session during the week between Christmas and New Year holidays. I am always encouraging kids to create their own robotics lab at home and part of my discussion is to encourage a partnership with their parents. It helps to keep parents involved particularly when you may need a credit card for robot parts or tools and things like that. I like to invite parents to stay and participate in the workshops so several parents stayed as we built robots, had fun, and learned some programming. That was the first time I met John Bergin and his son Henry. You may remember Henry from my blog post on Day 10 as “Henry’s Design“.

Since then John and Henry have been to our Kansas City Robotics Society (KCRS) and Cowtown Computer Congress (CCCKC) meetings. They also built a MintyBoost at the CCCKC Soldering Workshop. It seems I learn just a little more about them each time we meet. John has offered some assistance with the Robotic Labyrinth for Science City and has initiated some other interesting opportunities.

Recently in one of his emails John revealed this interesting bit of information. A friend of his wrote in Boing Boing describing his award winning feature-length movie, “From Inside“. From the movie’s web site I learned about his web site Grinder Tool & Die which is a labyrinth itself rich with art, videos, music, talent, and more.

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