Making It To The Party – Day 23

2.13.2009 (Friday) –  Day 23  –

The Party Game That Rocks…

HackDC Party

HackDC Party

Our original wooden labyrinth spent last weekend in Washington DC with Bill (@hevnsnt). The HackDC group threw a party and Bill picked a prime location for this party game. Bill posted more pictures on his flickr account.

Behind the scenes…

Reports were all great from the SchmooCon and HackDC party where everyone seemed to love the labywiinth party game. The behind the scenes activities leading up to the party reveal some hectic challenges to get everything working.

The decision to take it to DC was made just a couple of days before Bill flew out. He was going to operate the game from his own computer and we didn’t have time to test anything out before he left. As usual, demo mode kicked into effect and things weren’t working. Jestin has an interesting chronicle of events on his web site titled Remote Robot Debugging.

Bill said he put the labyrinth in a protective box buried deep in his checked luggage. I though he should take the game as carry on instead. It would have been interesting hearing his explaination to TSA about this device with a timer thingy, motors, and wires hanging off.

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