Chasing My Tail – Day 28

2.18.2009 (Wednesday) – Day 28 –

Local Social Media Sites

Local Social Media Sites

Trying to get design and development work done on the Robotic Laybrinth for Science City is tough enough without getting posts up to date. It seems to be a never ending challenge. If you miss a day then two of a daily progress report it seems to take forever to get everything caught back up. One of the items on my to-do list today is get some posts about this project in more public sites. Today I have added information to the Social Media Club of Kansas City (SMCKC), the Kansas City Online Community, and on the Cowtown Computer Congress (CCCKC) web sites.

Kansas City Woodworkers Guild

I was looking at variable speed controllers at Harbor Freight a few weeks ago and before leaving the parking lot I noticed a store across the lot called Metro Hardwoods. I almost left without checking closer thinking it was probably  one of those places that sell unfinished furniture. To my surprise it is a business that sells fine hardwoods at reasonable prices.

While there, the owner told me about the Kansas City Woodworker’s Guild. I’m curious about the organization and how they support their workspace for members. From time to time I need to work with wood on projects too. One project I’m wanting to continue with is building wooden patterns for casting aluminum parts. I have plans from Lindsay’s Technical Books to build one of the Gingerly Metalworking Lathes.

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