Sandwich Structures Before Lunch – Day 27

2.17.2009 (Tuesday) – Day 27 –

Linda Hall Library - Kansas City, MO

Linda Hall Library - Kansas City, MO

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Still searching for more information supporting our Robotic Labyrinth Game project for Science City. Armed with a the new search term, “Sandwich Laminate”, I’m getting the results I wanted. Linda Hall Library’s LEONARDO  shows an interesting book so I returned this morning to check out “The Behavior of Sandwich Structures of Isotropic and Composite Materials”.

Materials are considered Isotropic when they are independent of direction. Aluminum is an isotropic material while carbon fiber is an ansiotropic material depending on the weave in it’s fabric it can exhibit a difference between longitudinal versus transverse stress and strain.

Linda Hall Library Inside

Linda Hall Library Inside

Bob Thurn wanted to meet up at Linda Hall to look for some research materials on another project he’s working on. While there he made an interesting observation. With the exception of the staff, at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning we seemed to have the library to ourselves. When you have all of these increadible resources, why isn’t this place filled with people? He said, “they should be charging a thousand dollars a head just to get in the door”. This is a great resource and is my favorite library, I used to come here over 20 years ago researching information on computer graphics.

OpenCV Study Group

Our new night for the OpenCV Study Group drew a smaller group tonight. Some had a conflict with the local Linux user group meeting tonight too. One good thing about the study group concept is to set aside time to focus on this topic instead of everything else I have going on right now. I did make some progress tonight. I passed along a tip I’m using to troll for OpenCV and Arduino information on Twitter. I’ve started using TweetDeck’s search function for the keywords “OpenCV” and another search for “Arduino”. This works pretty well.

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