Resolving Technical Difficulties – Day 33

2.23.2009 (Monday) – Day 33 –

GSpot Codec Information Appliance

GSpot Codec Information Appliance

I need to get our Robotic Labyrinth game platform modeled in Alibre CAD before the trial period runs out. So, I started catching up on some more of the free training videos from the Alibre web site. Their videos formatted in the WMV format are working fine but I’m not able to get other video sessions using the AVI file to work. I tried searching the Internet for solutions to this problem. One suggestion I found was to use Handbrake to convert the AVI file into something I knew was working. I downloaded Handbrake a few weeks ago so I gave that a try. It worked but was taking over an hour to convert the file so I kept looking for solutions.

The solution comes from the GSpot Codec Information Appliance which analyzes a video file and identifies the codec’s that are not supported on your computer. When I ran the program it identified the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC) as the culpret. I found the TechSmith web site and downloaded the TSCC file and installed the solution.

The GSpot Appliance will come in handy resolving some issues I noticed a few weeks ago when trying to view AVI files using OpenCV.

The Alibre Training Videos are a great resource I only wish I had the complete set to learn from.

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