3D Golf Robotic Labyrinth

We were busy today making preparations for Saturday’s RoboFest ’09 with the Kansas City Robotics Society. We have a new base for our mid size labyrinth and decided to go with a golf theme for this version.

Adjustments to 3D Golf Labyrinth

Adjustments to 3D Golf Labyrinth

This game is a little easier to play than our small wooden labyrinth but with the ridges and hills built into this course it’s not an easy game either.

3D Golf Labyrinth Surface

3D Golf Labyrinth Surface

This picture shows the unfinished hole awaiting the cup for the golf ball to fall into. A narrow ledge and varying steepness leading up to the hole makes this approach tricky.

Come check it out if you happen to be in Kansas City on Saturday June 13, 2009. The RoboFest will be held in the upper level above the Harvey House Restaurant in the historic Union Station. The times are from 12:30 pm with robots competing until 4:00 pm. Awards will be given between 4:00 and 4:30.

Several competitions are planned including mini and 1kg sumo robots, line following robots and a dinnerware demolition competition. We plan to have solar rollers there too.

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