Thing-A-Day Feb 6

Memories of Grandpa’s Truck.

Memorys of Grandpa's Truck

Manipulated photo using Gimp

This image was scanned from an old snapshot of my grandfather’s 1946 Chevy pickup truck. I have editied the photo using the Gimp program. Instead of using Photoshop this time which requires rebooting my computer into Windows Vista, I decided to try learning some new techniques in Gimp after some friend’s encouragement.

The picture was separated into different layers. It used a white background image. The original photograph on a separate layer. The area outside of the truck’s fender was selected and removed. Another layer was created using a copy of the truck image and converted to a grey scale. Each layer above the background was layer was assigned an opacity value around 50%. The colored layer was adjusted using the edge detect sobel filter.

I was hoping to get an image with an artistic sketch type appearance. I was looking for something with a faded and fuzzy look to represent a faded memory from the past.

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