KC Drupal User Group 2010.02.23

2010.02.23 – Notes from KC Drupal Users Group

Last night marked a restart of the Kansas City Drupal Users Group with about twenty people in attendance. We were treated to pizza and about two hours of Drupal topic discussions. iLLin did a great job of presenting his use of Views, Templates, and Tables. I came away from the meeting with a list of items to research further.

Afterward, I started Googling several topics and passing comments mentioned at the meeting. What follows are links to documents that look useful.

Features Module

Often, the project module descriptions provide pertinent information but lack some information about how a particular module becomes useful. A web site that looks promising for information about the use of Drupal Modules is the abbridged descriptions from Affinity Bridge’s Feature Module Abridged.

Other useful Features resources:

Drupal t() function

Drupal l() Function



  • Leveraging Drupal – Getting your site done right. I got this book from Amazon last week.
  • Practical Subversion – Manage your code with ease using the Subversion version control system. I got this book at MicroCenter earlier this week.


Node Reference

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  1. Wow, cool, thank you, Vince! My backpack was behind iLLin’s chair and I didn’t want to interrupt the presentation to get my notebook, so I tried to memorize all the useful stuff. I see I missed some. And thanks for doing all this dandy research!


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