About SomeoneKnows

Vince Thompson, Long time Geek – Programmer – Maker
Twitter @SomeoneKnows

Community Organizer for Make Minded People
Established Make:KC July 2009. Check out the full blog on our activities.

I am currently looking for work on new projects and short term gigs. I like building robotic devices and software development to make things happen. If you need some help, lets get in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn or SomeoneKnows2000@gmail.com

I am currently managing a project with a team of people building an Arduino Driven, WiiFit Controlled Robotic Labyrinth game as an interactive display in Kansas City’s Science City.  You can find more information about the Robotic Labyrinth project here.

I am also conducting workshops on soldering and  robotics for kids and adults through the HMS Beagle Science Store.

You can find more personal information on this post: Life’s Choices, Experience, and Recent Directions. Thanks for checking – About SomeoneKnows.
Vince Thompson

Interests Include:

  • Mentor for FIRST robotics teams
  • Arduino
  • Robots
  • Programming
  • Fabricating
  • Exploring alternate energy

Projects include:

  • Developing curriculum for Robotics including Lego Mindstorm NXT & DIY Robot Fabrication
  • Conducting Robotics Workshops
  • Bus Conversion

Software Development Experience:

  • Computer Aided Design applications
  • Web and database applications

Political Views:


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