Date and Calendar in Drupal 7

I have to wonder how many of those early release books written for Drupal 7 will end up becoming trash. I’m sure they will contain useful information but things are still changing. I discovered a good video titled Date + Calendar from the Drupal Therapy guys and decided to work through their example. It goes through the steps of installing the Date and Calendar modules then creating a new Event Content Type.

The problems started when I got to the steps they lay out for configuring the Date’s Views. It was helpful while frustrating because the Views settings page has changed so much. I finally got through the Views configuration without error messages and got the Calendar to display the correct date. As suggested, I replaced the downloaded Views, Calendar, and Date with the most recent Dev versions.

In the Administration->Structure->Views page for Calendar (Content) the page layout has changed substantially from the Feb 11, 2011 date the video was originally produced (not too surprising). There is not a Defaults selection or Arguments selection on the configuration page anymore.

I made three changes:

  • Replaced the values in CONTEXTUAL FILTERS with – “Date: Date (node) (Content: Date (field_date))
  • Under FIELDS set values to – “Content: Date (Date)
  • Under FILTER CRITERIA set values to – “Content: Published (Yes)” and “Content: Type (= Event)

My problem now is after the Event is published the Date and Body only show up when I select the web site’s home page. If I click on the Event article to view or edit, the published Date and Body disappear. Is anyone else having that trouble or know of a solution? (I do have Organic Groups installed in this site too if that matters).

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A Closer Look at Drupal 7

I use Google to find many of the things I want to learn about. Sometimes the list of links it returns can be a little disappointing. Upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 is one of those situations that is bringing a variety of results that don’t quite hit the mark. Of course what I’m finding today will change in the days and weeks to come so your experiences will vary. I hope to continue updating this article as I find more useful information.

Sometimes the most obvious places get overlooked. For instance, the Upgrade.txt file in the Drupal7 installation is a good place to start looking. Here are some other good places I’ve started looking:

From the Drupal Handbook Documents Administration Guide look at these sections:
After you get a fundamental Drupal 7 installation working the following guides are helpful:

Database API

I haven’t found a nice pushbutton solution to upgrading the databases between D6 and D7. Diving into relevant database documentation is the best choice as I can see it right now.

Links Found That May Be Useful? 

I haven’t read the following articles yet but they may have some useful information so I’m bookmarking them here for now:

Database Migration

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Drupal 7 – Are We There Yet?

When I started picking up on Drupal I began learning about Drupal 6 because Drupal 7 was off in the distant future. Well, Drupal 7 was released for production on Jan. 5 this year and I’ve still been in the “sometime in the future mode” until the last few days (peeling back the onion some more) Now, work has begun on Drupal 8 to be released sometime in the future.

Drupal 7 has some features that make sense for a new web site I’m working on – Organic Groups and Web Services. While these aren’t new they have some updates to the way they work. The CCK and Views have been two of the most important modules for Drupal 6 web sites. It appears that Drupal 7 now replaces them with Fields. Drupal 8 is planned to include some features I want to design for like incorporating a higher degree of web services. I ordered another book that should arrive today, this one about Drupal 6 Web Services. I see web services as an important component in connecting interactions between Drupal and MicroStation, AutoCad or other future CAD/CAE systems. Since I’m starting off with a new web project is seems like the best time to jump into Drupal 7 development.

Using Git to Download Drupal 7

I don’t understand enough about Git yet but was able to use it and get a copy from the Drupal Git repository. I was worried about making mistakes in setting up my local repository like where it should reside how can I undo a mistake. I made a few mistakes along the way and learned they could be erased by deleting the “.git” folder. If it turns out I overlooked something about erasing a repository I’ll add more information here. This article seemed to be helpful: I managed to get a local site working with Drupal 7 last night.

I got a rudimentary install with Organic Groups and several other features set up within a Drupal 7 environment. So far, so good. Something I could use some help with is finding out what the recommended practice are to take the MySql database from its Drupal 6 configuration to Drupal 7. My initial search didn’t come up with a worthwhile suggestion yet. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.

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