A Closer Look at Drupal 7

I use Google to find many of the things I want to learn about. Sometimes the list of links it returns can be a little disappointing. Upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 is one of those situations that is bringing a variety of results that don’t quite hit the mark. Of course what I’m finding today will change in the days and weeks to come so your experiences will vary. I hope to continue updating this article as I find more useful information.

Sometimes the most obvious places get overlooked. For instance, the Upgrade.txt file in the Drupal7 installation is a good place to start looking. Here are some other good places I’ve started looking:

From the Drupal Handbook Documents Administration Guide look at these sections:
After you get a fundamental Drupal 7 installation working the following guides are helpful:

Database API

I haven’t found a nice pushbutton solution to upgrading the databases between D6 and D7. Diving into relevant database documentation is the best choice as I can see it right now.

Links Found That May Be Useful? 

I haven’t read the following articles yet but they may have some useful information so I’m bookmarking them here for now:

Database Migration

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